Automated Inspectors
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Inspection Depot provides secure access throught a dedicated inspection Depot Cloud, to all clients, including insurance carriers, underwriters, insurance brokers, agents real estate agents and brokers, policyholders and home owners, commercial building owners, inspectors and inspection companies, and more. Access is only available to respective files, and data. Click here to log in now or register for your secure access.
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The following inspection types are already pre-programmed in our system and have been approved by various insurance carriers as standard acceptable inspection types for both commercial and residential inspections. Here is an overview of some of the inspection types currently available and associated reports.


  • Building Services Update – 4-Point Inspection
  • Roof Survey – Roof Certification Verification Inspection
  • Wind Mitigation Inspection – OIR 1802 Form
  • Wind Mitigation Comparison Inspection
  • Wind Mitigation Summary Inspection
  • General Conditions and Hazards Inspection
  • Residential Conditions and Hazards
  • Second Opinion – Underwriting Requested Inspection
  • Foreclosure Inspection
  • Chinese Drywall Assessment
  • Sink Hole Inspection
  • Home Inspection
  • Infrared Evaluations
  • Mold/Microbial Testing
  • New Construction Inspections


  • Commercial Wind Mitigation Inspection
  • Commercial Wind Mitigation Comparison Inspection
  • Commercial Roof Survey Inspection
  • Commercial General Conditions and Hazards Inspection
  • Second Opinion – Underwriting Requested Inspection
There are many more inspections types not listed here, that can be conducted, including real estate home inspections, wood destroying organism inspections, energy efficiency inspections, property condition assessment and much more. To get information on any inspection type not listed here, simply click here and complete the necessary fields.
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